Disc Golf Throws – Hyzer and Anhyzer

In this video, disc golfer Merle Witvoet shows us how to throw the hyzer and anhyzer disc golf throws like a pro.

On of the major keys to both hyzer and anhyzer throws is to visualize the flight path. On the hyzer in particular, be sure to bring the disc forward from your shoulder area. You don’t want to come in from a low spot as your flight path will just be too high and you’ll lose a lot of distance. Keep in mind when making your approach that your goal is to land within 15 feet of the basket. If you can do this every time you’re looking at birdie city consistently.

Practice Makes Perfect

You have to drill your throws at different ranges over and over again until you’re consistent at all distances. Start with 45 feet, and go up in 15 foot increments. Again with your approach keep your eye on the prize and remember is about getting within putt range. Just get it within 15 feet and you’ll do ok.

Have the Right Discs

It takes more than 1 disc to be a pro golfer. Every disc type works differently and you’ll need discs that are better in wind vs no wind conditions, better at hyzer vs anhyzer, better at overhand throws vs flicks. Try out all your discs in a range of situations so that you can learn which discs work best for different situations. Just about every disc is good at something, so you need to discover what each disc you own is best at so that you’ll know which one to use when.

Practice practice practice, and we’ll see you out there.